About Us



Retina South Africa is a patient run organisation bringing treatments and cures for retinal blindness through scientific research. We empower people with low vision to be productive members of society through information-sharing, training and counselling.

This is made possible through various fund raising initiatives.

Retinal blindness affects many South Africans both young and old, and these conditions are genetic in nature and can affect anyone.

With enough support we can make the dream of a sighted future a reality for some of the thousands of affected young South Africans.


For more information visit:

Find us on Facebook: and please “like” and share our page with your network of friends.


More About Us . . . 

Should you require a copy of our Financial Statement, Constitution, Membership Registration process and criteria or details of our Section 18A status, please contact our Deputy Chairperson as follows:

Merle Falken

Telephone +27 21 854-4687

Cellular +27 (0)82-558-4919

E-mail: merle@merlefalkeninc.co.za



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